In the earlier days, directors of movies used to release the trailers or teasers to promote their movies. But now Sid Sriram’s songs are released before as they generate much interest among the people.

Sid Sriram is one of the latest singers whose songs are getting famous in Tollywood industry.

His songs make the person feel better and people want to hear his songs over and over again.

You should not attempt to describe any musical note you ever make. It shouldn’t attempt to justify your earthly existence. You just have to describe your music so that people are curious to hear it.


Who is Sid Sriram?

Born on 19 May 1990, Sid Sriram is an American music producer, playback singer and Indian songwriter.

He works in Tamil and Telugu film industry, as an R&B songwriter, singer, and performer. He works with Bharata Natyam Dancer, Pallavi Sriram, and Music Director D Imman on a regular basis

He got fame with the song “Adiye” sung for the soundtrack of Kadal (2013) composed by A. R. Rahman.


2012“Yadike”KadalA. R. Rahman
2015“Nuvvunte Na Jathaga”I
“Nuvvunte Na Jathaga”(Reprise)
2016“Vellipomaakey”Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo
2017“Adiga Adiga”Ninnu KoriGopi Sundar
“Maayo”AdirindiA. R. Rahman
2018“Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavaley”Geetha GovindamGopi Sundar
“Vennala Vennala”NeevevaroPrasan
“Egiregirey”Sailaja Reddy AlluduGopi Sundar
“Emo Emo Emoo”DevadasMani Sharma
“Praaptham”NawabAR Rahman
“Undiporaadhey”(Sad Version)
“Maate Vinadhuga”TaxiwalaJakes Bejoy
“Emai Poyave”Padi Padi Leche ManasuVishal Chandrasekhar
“Vulikithe Vudhyamam”SarkarA. R. Rahman
“OMG Pilla”
“Yanthara Lokapu Sundarive”2.0
2019“Inthenithena”SuryakantamMark K Robin

Popular songs of Sid Sriram

He sang a Premam undiporaadey song by which he became famous.

With that spirit, he has sung a song that has aroused interest among people from Geetha Govindam (inkem inkem inkem kavale)

By that, all the actors in Tollywood want at least one song of Sid Sriram.

The latest songs are maatevinaduga from taxiwala movie, undiporaadey from hushaaru movie, got ultimate hits among the people.

Mella mellaga song from ABCD movie.

Inthena inthena song from Suryakantham.

People will go to some trance to hear his songs.

These are some wonderful collection of Sid Sriram songs

This song has become a slow poison.

This song makes all young people feel emotional,  it says love will not decrease if you are separated by miles.

This song was the most favorite among the people. They kept humming it inside without any age differences.

Box office: 130 crore

Budget: 5 crore

It got viral, five months ago before the release of this film in theatres. But this film only became hit only because of this song

Collected: 25 crores

Budget: 7 crores

In this film, every cast and crew are new to the industry, and the only reason for this film success is the undiporaadhey song.

Collected: 5 crore

Budget: 1 crore

This song is favored by the whole love failure boys, this song has been kept as a caller tune by several such guys.

This song is another beautiful song.