When I look at all the researches it shows that often times the smartest and brightest people do go on to a university because we are living in a society that pressurizes them to go.

But, as more and more people are coming out the value of having a degree, in my opinion, is going down and down.

In this blog, I’ll show 5 reasons why college is overrated for many people.

1. College Might Not Teach You How To Think

In these days when a college graduate goes for a job interview. All they see a person who has been attending classes for 3/4 years and learns whatever his/her professor taught.

This does not mean that they are smarter or they have developed skills to think.

There are some institutions which actually do this and if you are in someplace like that.

Then Congratulations!!

Most of the successful people have the ability to think, they have problem-solving skills and they are life long learners.

They got the desire and a burning fire inside them to constantly improve themselves and learn new every single day.

2. Being Productive

Instead of investing your time, effort and money into college education look at the options you can have.

You can be travelling the world, you can be out there doing an internship or you can be doing something that is actually paying you money.

But that doesn’t mean we spend all our resources on to liabilities because our ultimate goal in life is to create assets that actually pay you back in life.

You can learn some real life skills which can help you be productive in many ways. In the journey of self-learning, the Internet can be your biggest teacher.

3. Information Is Inexpensive

It depends on how you want to consume the information and how much it actually costs.

So let’s say you go to a top college, you’ve got great professors and you’re in a small classroom environment. In that case, you’re going to pay out huge costs for that because you’ve got some extra benefits.

The professor who is teaching you has actually curated the information and is spoon feeding you. You can raise your queries and have a one-on-one session where he actually makes you understand what he is trying to teach.

Did you observe something here? You are actually paying for the amenities that the college is providing you. But the information is inexpensive.

You can get the same book that is taught by the professor from a library at free of cost.

The key thing about information is that you take it and then use it.

Yes, you can learn a lot from college. But, if you are someone who wants an alternative route then they are many options awaiting. You just have to find what works out for you.

4. There Are No Guarantees

I take this statement back.

There is a guarantee that they are going to send you a bill and you have to find an option to pay for it. There is a guarantee that you’ll owe money.

However, when it comes to a job, when it comes to success and when it comes to happiness in life. There is no guarantee.

Don’t ever fall into a myth that if you get a degree you’ll surely get success. This might be the correct statement 20-30 years ago.

But in today’s world, it’s really a hard bet and you need to make the right decision.

5. It Claims To Be A Place Where You Find Yourself

If you’re trying to find yourself by taking different classes. You need to understand that these classes are no reality.

College is not the real world. 

It is a protected environment which is not even a reflection to your career path.

Secondly, everything is expensive. Every single thing you are learning at college costs you a huge amount of money.

Instead of all this what you can do is get an internship under the person who is doing the same thing you want to become in your career.

A successful person never finds himself in college. He builds himself by picking up different skill sets as he goes out, tries different things and has earned different experiences.


I know I’ve covered a lot of things in this single post. I think this is an emotional topic because we live in a society in which everyone is saying you got to go to college to have success.

College can be a great option for many. But earning skill sets and the ability to think is the most important thing.

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