Chocolate may just be one of the most sought after foods in the world. It is used as a candy or as a flavor in baked foods, ice creams, and other treats.

Chocolate is a significant social food that is much craved in our society. Some people are even addicted to chocolates which have some negative effects and most importantly the interesting fact about chocolate is that it also has some health benefits.

The Wonders Of Chocolate:

It is known that chocolate has been used as medicine for hundreds of years to treat everything from stomach aches and fever to just being tired.

The branch, leaves, and flowers of the cocoa tree have even been used to treat burns and cuts.

Eating dark chocolate and cocoa can make you be healthy and some times it even helps you stop coughing.

Cardiovascular benefits are the primary area of cure by chocolates.

There is some evidence that indicates that chocolate may lower your blood pressure, decrease plaque on artery walls and may help in maintaining a healthy level of cholesterol.

The main point about chocolate is that it should be dark chocolate rather than Milk Chocolate.


Since food containing chocolate usually contains added sugars, there has been concern about obesity and diabetes.

However, the sugar contents in good quality chocolate tend to be low and not a critical factor in health.

If it is consumed excessively it can result in dental problems.

Too much consumption of chocolate might lead to anxiety and rapid heartbeat.

Overeating of chocolate may tend to weight gain and also heart disease.

It can also lead to migraine and risks of kidney stones.


Don’t worry to eat chocolates because chocolate has so many advantages and makes us feel happy while having it.

But too much consumption of anything may lead to a bad result, so we have to enjoy chocolates without getting health problems and make ourselves happy.

I would rather have everything I eat turn into chocolate. There are very few reasons for this. Firstly I Love Chocolate and also I enjoy eating it.