When Facebook started in 2004 it was a full-fledged website and since then it became a social media icon with over 2 million unique visitors every month.

But lately, attitudes towards Facebook has changed and as a result, Facebook is dying.

In this blog, we’ll see surprisingly new statistics of how people are leaving Facebook then we’ll see why it is happening and lastly how addicted we are to social media.

How exactly is Facebook dying?

Young people are leaving Facebook on a massive scale.

According to recent data by the Pew Research Center the sampled that the users above the age of 18 years, 42% of the users have taken a break from this social networking giant.

44% of the users aged between 18 to 29 has deleted Facebook accounts from their mobile phones.

This statistics is very alarming to Facebook. This shows an amazing shift of attitude of the people.

In fact, the other remaining people store the app for the messenger function or the events page to find their friends birthdays.

People are just sick of Facebook and some are getting even sick of social media in general.

Addiction of people

Do you know that some people catch the phone even before they open their eyes?

They choose the phone as their first impulse.

It makes these kinds of people unhappy because they are always thinking and worrying about all these other people what they’re doing.

You’re not living in the physical world.

The time you spend on social media actually impairs the thoughts you feel.

It is just a distraction.

People get to spend more time on their phones rather than the people around them in the physical world.

Falling Of The Social Media Giant

In the past few months, I have seen several incidents of people’s death and injury on social media.

Among all those videos, there was this one video which caught my attention.

In that video, a man was drowning and there were 2 young boys at the shore. Instead of calling for help or bringing the person out of the water, they were filming it and laughing while seeing the person drown.

You’ve probably seen these kinds of things all over the internet.

When you are addicted to your phone, the areas in your brain which control day-dreaming and thinking about your thoughts and feelings, shut off.

Kids are constantly engaged with technology, their phones, and the internet.

On an average of 18 to 24 age groups, 12% of them spend their life on social media.

High social media usage results in anxiety, stress, and depression.

When we see other people sharing their perfect life. Our brain start thinking, why isn’t our life similar to them?

It is easier to say that competition has resulted in the depletion of joy.

But the truth is those perfect photos posted by others are very carefully selected and maybe not so perfect behind the scenes.

Social media network platforms like Facebook uses researcher who target the Dopamine flow in your brain so that you spend more time.

For example, you keep scrolling the Facebook posts as it results in the flow of dopamine in your brain.

Not only the posts but also like, comments and shares also release dopamine in your brain.


On the bright side, people are actually starting to understand that social media is not a healthy practice.

On a whole, it looks like we have reached a turning point where people are actually sick of using it.

On the contrary, social media isn’t a bad thing. It’s just a reflection of who you actually are.

Ultimately for Facebook, it’s the acquisition of Instagram and What’s App will surely be beneficial to it.

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