” We have involved a number of projects, including the Greyhound combing pilot. These drones are equipped with thermal cameras that senses the movement of the people and alert the police if there is a human presence in the area that they plan onscreening.”- Dinakar Devireddy (Head of Innovation-Cyient)

So far drones have been used in various fields such as films, media, events and others, but now the police at Hyderabad have announced that it will soon be able to witness the multiple drones that will take to sky controlling crowds, traffic and even the detention of offenders.

They could be found at accident sites and reconstruction of the scene for investigation or illegal buildings and invasions.

The technology in Hyderabad develops and performs these’ tasks’ on UAVs. One company named’ Cyient’ is the border guard, mainly Cyberabad, which works closely with the police. The pilotless aircraft, controlled from a drone deployment vehicle, helps Police to monitor suspected perplexers and manage the extensive gathering and traffic in the area.

The drone solution for women safety have been developed by a team of students of the Keshav Memorial Technologie Institute (KMIT). It works with a downloaded app that enables a woman to feel trouble to push the mobile app button that sends alerts to the nearest drone and police station immediately. If the woman says it’s an emergency, the drone will even follow her. The state administration is making to implement it on a large scale.