We usually make fools of our friends, our neighbors, etc. On the occasion of April 1st, let’s see some of the pranks that make you laugh and create this day as a wonderful memory.

Keep reading this blog, we’ll give you some prank ideas which not only create fun filled memories but also doesn’t hurt someone’s feelings.

Playing Food Pranks:

1, Replace Cookie Filling With Toothpaste

You may know someone that can’t refuse cookies. You can try to fill the usual cream and replace it by toothpaste to offer them a delicious bite on the day of the April Fool. Use this steps to pull this prank off.

  • Take the cookie apart. Be careful not to break the cookie
  • Scrape off the cream filling.
  • Apply the toothpaste to the middle of the cookie,replacing the cream filling.

Carefully put the cookie back together. Be careful not to squeeze the toothpaste over the edge.

2. Offer Some Candy Rocks

It may be a good way to surprise them on April Fool’s days to have some “rocks” in front of your friends. You’re going to need to buy a few candy rocks to do that. These candy rocks are just like real stones, but chocolate treats are edible.

Offer your friends some of these “rocks” to eat. When they refuse, happily eat them yourself and enjoy the looks on their faces.

3. Make Some Brown E’s

You can try to make some brown E on brown paper and a pair of scissors for a funny April Fool’s Day Prank. Remove a bunch of letter E and place it in a container for serving.

Please take the container to a party and tell everybody that brown E’s you brought to share. Discover the reactions of your brown E’s, rather than the brownies that they expected.

4. Make Caramel Or Chocolate Dipped Onions

The taste of caramel apples is appreciated by many. Not so many people like caramel onions taste. When you make caramel apples, prepare some onions like you want, coat them in chocolate or caramel.Tell your friends about a sweet treat and see their surprise while they bite into an onion.


Playing Computer Pranks:

1. Put A Post-It Note On A Mouse

You can try to put a sticky note on someone’s computer mouse for a quick April Fool Day stick. Today’s mouse is mostly laser mouse and needs laser light in order to work on the desktop or mouse pad.The adhesive note blocks the laser and makes the mouse useless. Enjoy watching your friend understand the problem.

2. Make A Fake “Error” Message

Computers are susceptible to mistakes and nobody wants to see an error message coming up. Since April is Fool’s Day, you can make a fake error message to a friend. Before you tell them this is a joke, it may be funny to see your friend try to correct a mistake which does not exist. Use these steps to help create a fake error message.

  • Visit http://fakebsod.com/ on your friends computer.
  • Press f11 on your keyboard to enter full-screen mode.
  • Click the link that says “visit BSOD page”.

Leave the computer and wait for your friend to try and use it.

3. Unplug The Mouse Or Keyboard

It is unlikely that your mouse or your keyboard cable can disconnect on its own. When something goes wrong, most people don’t look back at their computer. Since, that is the case, by unplugging your mouse or keyboard, you can play the April Fool Day prank on your friends.Have fun watching them try to figure out what the problem might be.

  • Make sure you don’t unplug something other than the mouse or keyboard.
  • Tell your friend it was a joke before they get too confused.