Apple will launch a new Apple Pay credit card built into the Wallet application that iPhone users can register to. Apple partners with Goldman Sachs to optimize the Apple Pay card that will still work as a traditional credit card.
Most credit card statements highlight the minimum amount you owe. And if you just pay, it will cost you a lot of interest over time. With the Apple Card, it’s different.

When you buy something with Apple Card, you receive a percentage of your daily cash buyback. From now on it’s not a month, but every day. There is no limit on how much you can get.

Apple Card estimates the interest you pay when you are ready to make a payment based on any payment you choose. And it does so in real time so you can decide how much to pay off your balance.

If you want to see how much you spend, you don’t have to log in to the separate website or application. In the Wallet app, you are given your total by week or month.

It’s not just your sums. Apple Card makes spotting trends easy so you can decide if you want to change your spending. Look at lots of oranges? It’s something like coffee and lunch.

How To Get An Apple Card?
You can log in from your iPhone, receive your email approval message, and use the device immediately from your iPhone via Apple Pay. For times when you’re in need, like starting a tab at a bar or paying a trader who doesn’t get Apple Pay, the company will send you a physical card (which is the titanium Apple craft).

It can be obtained free, and within two days it will be received in the mail. This reduces the time you spend waiting to approve and access your credit dramatically. Apple also promised that it would not charge or even set minimum payment late charges or international transaction fees.

Interest rates, ranging from 13 percent to 24 percent (current Fed rate), are supposedly lower than on other cashback cards and are determined according to your credit.

Bonus Categories
3 Percent

Get 3 percent of everything you buy from Apple, whether in an Apple Store,, App Store, or iTunes. This includes plans for games, online shopping, and services such as Apple Music and iCloud storage.

2 Percent

Every time you buy something with Apple Pay, get 2% back. This is with no limits in each category. Imagine everything you do every day with a credit card – Target, Walgreens, Lyft. On just about everything, you’ll get 2% back.

1 Percent

When you come across a store, website or app that does not receive Apple Pay, Apple Card still gives you 1 percent of your purchases back in the form of Daily Cash.

Lost and Theft Protection
Since your credit card number, expiry date or signature is not displayed on a titanium card, it will be harder to steal your information. But because your name is all, you might be able to take it with your card and start spending.

If you realize that keeping a thief from making huge transactions are missing, you should be quick to lock your card. Once you have temporarily misplaced your card, you can unlock your account.

It’s easier than calling your bank to cancel your card compared to a traditional card. Service providers like Capital One, however, have already made it easier to track your card and suspend your account at will.

You will need to access a computer and sign up to find it in the iCloud if you lose your iPhone. The good news is that your Face ID or fingerprint permission will still be needed for Apple Pay transactions, but there will be no physical card payments.

It will also be nice to sign up for your Apple account when your replacement phone arrives and automatically transfer your card information.

Final Thoughts
So that’s where we are today Apple has put in a major production to publish a new credit card issued by Goldman Sachs. It caused a lot of excitement because that’s how Apple rolls, but it’s stupid to call it “revolutionary.”

Unfortunately, it misses the mark and is little more than a way to let people know that you love Apple. When it comes to real benefits — especially for travelers, it just doesn’t pack a lot of a punch and there are so many cards that reward your spending in more valuable ways.