Everyone has experienced something paranormal in their lives. And most of you didn’t. Some will be interested in reading about those type of scary ghost or paranormal experiences. So here are the 5 scary bedtime stories which will make it hard for you to sleep at night.

  1. Who is inside?

Our family moved to a new house this weekend. It is an individual house with one floor where my parents and my bedrooms are present. To be honest, I don’t like the house at first glance. I am not talking about the interior designs, the house is beautiful and has fresh air. But something doesn’t feel right for me. When I entered into the house for first time, a chill ran down my spine!

But I didn’t care much. I thought I was just not habituated to the house still. Anyways, it’s been a month for now and everything was normal. I have been going to my new school and made lot of friends, life is pretty good!

But one fine day, I came home as usual and exhausted with school. Usually my mother greets me by the door when I enter, but she didn’t this time. So I called out her name saying “Mom! I am home! Where are you?” . After a minute of silence my bedroom door which is on the first floor creaked open. My mother voice came from inside of it saying “Over here dear! Come inside” . I was relieved to hear her voice. So I went upstairs to the first floor and about to open my bedroom door. When I kept my hand on the door knob, the main door from below swung open and my mom walked in! She said “Honey! I am home. Sorry that I am late. I went out for groceries” . I was struck in front of my bedroom door. My whole body frozen with terror. If my mom is below downstairs then who is in my bedroom?


2. Dream or real?

It’s 2’0 clock in the morning. I am still browsing in my phone using whatsapp and watching youtube videos. I was having trouble getting sleep. My whole room was with no light except the light from my mobile. When I was chatting with a friend and then felt something moved from the corner of my room. I quickly turned in that direction and glanced but there is nothing. I thought I was just tired and imagining things.

Around 3’O am I was about to go to sleep. So I turned off my phone and went to sleep. And there was a dream. In my dream, I was in my bedroom standing alone in the dark with no light. I opened the door and went to my parents bedroom. They were sound asleep. I went downstairs to the kitchen to get some water. But what I saw there was still haunting me to this day. I saw my mother floating in mid air above the kitchen table with a knife pointed upwards in her direction motionless! I wanted to shout but I can’t get my voice out. I suddenly woke up with sweat all over my body. I thought it’s just a scary dream after all.

At 9’0 clock in the morning, I was having breakfast and told my parents about the dream. My mom heard it and became silent. I asked her what’s wrong. After some time she opened her mouth and said “Dear! I had a dream where I was floating in mid air above a kitchen knife. How can you see me when I was dreaming?”. Hearing that scared me for weeks and I started to sleep by 10’0 next day.

3. I know you are awake!

You are in your bedroom sleeping quiet happily. You heard your parents scream outside from their bedroom. You woke up and slowly with a scary heart you went out of your bedroom. You peaked into your parents room and saw a huge man with a knife cutting your parents heads.

You are scared and quietly went back into your room. You covered yourselves with your blanket. And after sometime your bedroom door opened and someone is waling towards you. You were being silent, not moving an inch, you even held your breath. You saw a huge shape of a man through your blanket. Your heart is beating faster every second. And then the man went towards the bathroom and gone inside. You can see him writing something on the wall of the bathroom. But you can’t tell what it is. You pretended to be asleep not making any move. He started walking back towards you. You closed your eyes with fear. There was dead silence in the room. So you slowly opened your eyes and moved the blanket from the top of your head revealing only your eyes.

You adjusted your eyes and tried to read what he written on the bathroom wall. It says ” I know you are awake!”. It was written with blood. And suddenly your bed moved as someone was below your bed trying to get out. You bent your head to the floor and saw a bloody knife coming out from below your bed.

4. The Painting:

Me and my friend came out from the school. We were walking home like always. In the midway we saw a painting in the middle of the road. The painting has a beautiful woman, she has pointed 3 fingers up. We thought who in the world would throw this painting. So my friend took the painting back home and hung it in his bedroom.

While I was chatting with him around 11’0 pm in the night, he said me to wait for a second. I waited for few minutes but there is no response from him. I thought he might have gone somewhere. But I called him just to make sure. He lifted the phone and I asked him what’s wrong but there is no reply from him, only dead silence. After some seconds I heard a woman laugh from his side. I was frozen with fear. I immediately hung up the phone and went to sleep. I thought he was making a joke to scare me.

In the next morning my mom woke me up. She was crying. I asked her what’s wrong, She said that my friend had an accident in this morning and died. I immediately rushed to the place and saw his parents crying. The road was filled with police and there was an ambulance carrying his corpse. I was shocked to see all this. When I was about to go to him, I saw something beside the road on the grass. It was the painting that we found yesterday. I went towards it and saw something very disturbing. The woman is same but instead of three fingers she is pointing four now! Is that mean she is the one who killed him ? Is that mean there were three murders before him?

5. Dad! Please check!

I live with my son. One night I kept reading him some stories so that he can sleep.

After sometime I told him to sleep as it was getting late . He said good night and I got up to leave his room. He called me back and asked “Dad, please check under my bed. I think someone is under it”, it’s normal for him to ask me like that. I said there will be nothing but for his sake I wanted to check. So I bent down and saw my son under it. He said “Dad! There is someone on my bed. Why are you talking to him?”. My heart dropped down with fear, I got up suddenly but there is no one.