There are many free online learning resources to get a grasp of a subject in various fields. But many of you probably gets confused which to choose from these many resources. Well, we have narrowed down the search for you and made a list of free online learning resources and saved your time. As though this is mainly about CSE stream I also recommend the other streams to check out this blog.

This online resource helps you to learn 12 different programming languages, including Python, Java, JavaScript( jQuery, AngularJS, React.js), Ruby, SQL, and Sass, and HTML and CSS through online. The site provides a paid “pro” option to give users access to a customized learning scheme, realistic projects, quizzes and live advisory support. There will be 30 lessons in free course version whereas pro version provides you with 50 lessons. But those who wants to learn the scratch or basics, codecademy is the recommended option.

2. edX:

edX is a massive provider of open online training. It offers online university courses in a vast variety of disciplines, including some free courses, to a worldwide student organization. It also conducts study on how people use its platform. Not only for computer science stream, edX provides you many free other courses on fields like Business and management, Agriculture, Data Science, Law, Math etc…, But this site is popular with Computer Science course when compared to other sources. So i give it a shot if i want to get a certificate as the certificate sometimes even count as college or university credits.

Khan Academy was established in 2008 by Salman Khan, a non-profit education organization that seeks to develop a set of online tools for educating students. In short YouTube videos the company produces short classes. It also has additional practice exercises and education materials on its website. Same as previous websites this website provides you with various free courses in the fields like Arts and Humanities, Economics and Finance, Science and Engineering but this is specialized in Computing field which contains Computer programming, Computer Science, Hour of code and Computer animation. Not only for students but this site also helps Teachers as well as Parents to learn their favorite courses freely by sitting at home.

My one of the favorite resource is this website as courses on Coursera are taught by the best educators and instructors in the world. These courses include video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, and forums for community debate. You receive a shareable electronic course certificate when you complete a course. There are 2700+ courses available and has 4 Computer Science degrees, 4 business degrees, 2 public health degrees and many certifications. ® is a non- profit organization devoted to increasing the access of women and under- represented minorities to computers in schools. They have a vision of every student in every school, like biology, chemist or algebra, having a chance to learn computer science. I personally recommend this website for kids and children as this provides teaching in fun and interesting manner by putting games and challenges etc.. Even educators can also take courses from here to make their teaching effective. Until now 37M projects were created here.

These are the 5 free online learning resources for CSE stream. We will come up with another blog where even other streams can also refer. Until then stay tuned and any suggestions and comments are highly appreciable.